We Are In Lockdown

We at The Velvet Card Review give our most heartfelt condolences to the shows that were closing tonight and planning to go out with a bang.

We feel great sorrow for the shows that were about to open and have had all of the excitement building up for weeks only to have it cancelled until further notice.

We pray that the five day lockdown will only be for five days and that the rest of the season can continue as planned and everybody’s effort comes to fruition in the form of their performances.

We urge all readers to stay home, wear masks, and avoid frivolous contact. Perth depends on us all being responsible and making decisions with safety as a priority.

We whole-heartedly hope that all performers, producers, audience members, and everybody who has been to Fringe over the past week is healthy and safe. Stay calm. We can reach a point yet again of no community transmission as we have done before if we remain smart about our movements.

As for us, we will be staying at home and separated from eachother. We will still be uploading posts due to the backlog of reviews that are still in the editing phase. So much content. However, we will not be seeing any shows that may be allowed to continue without a mask and a distance between other audience members.

Wishing you well,

The Velvet Card Review

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