A Cult For You – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

A Cult For You by young award-winning comedian Matt Storer features Channel 7’s Rick Ardon as a main character, a melon, a whole lot of Lego, and it’s all very refreshing.

I very desperately wanted to give this one five stars for its creativity, its likeability, it is uncomfortable and it is brilliant, and it deserves a full five stars. But I don’t think it would be fair to give it.

I want to get the reason that the final star wasn’t achieved out of the way first so we can get stuck into what did make A Cult For You so magical. Largely, it was the time skips in Father Hooroo’s character development. This would be remedied with a longer time slot than the standard Fringe hour. There were multiple occassions where Father Hooroo was acting absolutely absurd and then next minute he’s having an epiphany or revelation that hasn’t yet been earned, nor the train of thought revealed to us. How did he figure out what the God Phone really is? When did he get the idea to use the drinks? Why would he even want to use the drinks? Who told him the truth about his mental state? We just never really know where we’re at in the plot because we don’t take the time to get to the next point. I really hope that this show runs against next year so I can give it the full, undivided praise it deserves. And let’s get into what praise it does deserve.

I don’t know how Matt manages to force us into suspending our disbelief quite so far. It was the kind of immersive comedy where we were also made to be the actors, but it either takes a very willing or a very mesmerised audience to comply with that. There were a lot of questions Father Hooroo asked that would’ve been ruined with a “no” from the audience, but somehow everybody said “yes”. There were no jokers in the audience here to upset the show for a giggle, and that is very rare. I’m convinced those people were there, but were enjoying the performance so much that they decided to just go with it and see where we went.

Rick Ardon, the Channel 7 news presenter was a main character. That was both weird and awesome. The script for him is super clever and unconventional. I also enjoyed his weird shrine area. The miracles that Father Hooroo performed to get us to believe in his power as a prophet was a highlight. The song was exceptional. Normally a song in a Fringe show is never as good as the original, and if it is an original then it ranges from meh to embarassing. Honestly though, I would buy this one.

The jokes had the crowd in a joyous uproar. Matt Storer is a skilled wordsmith and understands how to set us up perfectly for a punchline. He flexed his improvisation muscles and was very good at it. His facial expressions were exceptional, especially with the wig and beard covering half of his face. The script, the movements, the jokes, the props, the concept – it was all bringing something new to the table whilst maintaining the age-old joy of theatre. I commend Matt Storer for that.

With love,

The Velvet Card Critic

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