Domesticated – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Domesticated – created by Emma-Lee Maher and taking up residency in the Girls School this season – is a privilege to view.

Here we have an astounding example of how to build atmosphere. The moody lighting, the props with thought put into where they go and what they look like, where the furniture is placed all just works together. The character built into the notes on the mirror and pictures on the wall is so strong. When I needed a place to reset if a show was particularly overwhelming I would come here because it is just so comforting.

Not only is the Domesticated interactive gallery space very inviting, it tells a very private and intimate story of an average young Australian in 2020 and their journey into the new year. It is precious to see something so honest, something that revels in the mundane and manages to make it sweet. Whenever I’m in there I am wholeheartedly charmed.

I would love to give this a full five stars but there are ways Domesticated could’ve pushed even further. As an interactive space I would’ve liked if I could have opened more drawers and seen more secrets. I want to be able to explore every inch and find unexpected things in unexpected places, use the whole space to its capacity. That’s the building point to a five star rating from me.

Domesticated is a great experience and serves as a viewpoint into another’s life. It is a way to feel like you aren’t alone. A way to see how people are living right now. A step into somebody else’s shoes. It is a fantastic representation of the space between adolescence and adulthood for a young Australian. I’m really glad I got to step foot into this space and Emma should be incredibly proud of her work. I really do highly recommend that you see this space in the Girls School before it closes, even if it’s just for half an hour before or after you see a show at the venue.

My regards,

The Velvet Card Critic

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