What is The Velvet Card Review?

The Velvet Card Review was created after noticing a scarce amount of reviews for the 18+ Fringe Shows, the “very hot” content. Performers cannot grow without feedback, and thus this website was created to both praise Perth’s bustling summer entertainment industry – and also provide constructive feedback to help it reach even higher levels.

At least, that’s why I’m making it public. At the heart of this project I just want to remember each spectacle I have the pleasure of viewing in my first year of making a real event of Fringe. I’ve been to a few shows in the previous years, but sparsely and without intent. This year the line-up sounds so inspiring with so many apparent must-sees that I wanted to be properly dedicated to watching as many shows as possible. With such a number of tickets on my agenda I fear that shows will begin to merge together, so this is a way for me to immortalize this 2021 summer exactly as I am seeing it.

Personal reasons aside, I would still like to be an unbiased commentator to help artists find where they need to focus to improve, and see where they excelled in the eyes of one independent audience member. My goal has shifted from originally being a personal collection of notes of the best bits of this summer, to being a public review. I hope that makes who I am and what this is a little clearer.

All the best,

The Velvet Card Critic

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