January Calendar

Who will I be seeing this year? Here is a list of the shows I am currently scheduled to see and write about in January 2021, subject to change. I additionally wanted to note my first impressions from raw advertising to see how my mind changes after watching the performances.

January 23rd – Burlesque Cinema presents: Burlesque

As it stands I’ll be kicking of the season a little later than opening weekend with Burlesque at the Rooftop Cinema. I live for immersive performances and audience interaction so this is right down my lane. Seems like a lighthearted, fun, and most importantly dazzling way to begin my festivities with a campy classic film and some undoubtedly campier local dancers.

26th – Lucid, Bubble Show For Adults Only

I was on the fence with Lucid for quite a while. Up front it looks like it’ll be another burlesque line-up, I’m not really seeing what’ll make it different to every other show. In the end I truly just booked on hostess Sugar Du Joure’s name and Sugar Blue Burlesque’s reputation.

Bubble Show for Adults Only, however, looks like it’ll be something I’ve never seen before – and I have seen a lot on these stages. I have high expectations of this one and trust I haven’t been misled on that.

27th – Spectacles Present: Stargazed

I feel very strongly about starsigns and other neo-pagan practices for the purpose of fortune-telling or witchcraft. This will make me search for accuracy where I should be relaxing and enjoying the entertainment, but perhaps Spectacles can be flashy enough to override my brain overthinking every detail. The cast is certainly strong enough on it’s own, headed by the reigning Crown of the Court and her own production company. And hey, if any of our dearest drag queens could perhaps even bring a bit of traditional realism to this fantastical idea, I would place my bets on Liberty Genre.

28th – Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Split Lip

I see Manic Pixie Dream Girl often on a poster in a shopping centre I frequent so when this popped up on my Fringe app I didn’t think too hard about buying that ticket. I don’t have a lot of expectations for this one but I’m ready to enjoy whatever it has to offer. Shout out to The Poster Girls for reminding us that sometimes the best advertising isn’t digital.

Split Lip instantly wins my award for most hype surrounding a show. I booked a ticket for this based entirely on the sheer amount of acquaintances posting about this as a must-see, one good friend even saying it is their favourite performance Perth Fringe has ever birthed. We’ll see if it lives up to the reputation preceding it.

29th – Life’s A Drag, A Cult For You, Worship – The Gilded Edition

A friend gave me a free ticket to Life’s A Drag and I’d never turn down a free ticket, so I will be seeing a Dean Misdale show for the first time. I’ve often heard of them, occasionally heralded as “the most famous drag queen Perth has to offer” by various acquaintances. But with how often Scarlet Adams is going viral online, I’ll remain skeptical of Dean.

I was rocking back on forth on whether or not to purchase a ticket to A Cult For You. It has the potential to either be very good or very awkward, and I’d like to take that risk for either a very good pay-off, or an excruciating 55 minutes.

And that is exactly why I’ve booked in for Worship right after, so that if the rest of the night is a bust at least I have this to save my evening. I was spellbound the first time I saw Essie Foxglove and have absolute trust in her to deliver once again. She is exactly my brand of weird and absurd and I have faith that those performing alongside her will uphold that brand.

30th – Broadway: Both Ways 3 1/2

I have a few friends in this one and mainly booked the ticket to support. In the Fringe App the bio is limited, the banner is basic, and the presenters for it don’t even have an artist statement. I wouldn’t be going if I didn’t know the talent of the cast first-hand, and I only know two cast members. I hope that Entertaind – whoever they are – have some other way of accruing an audience.

31st – 4some of Awesome Take A Break

I must admit that I am a huge fan of Magnus Danger Magnus and to be honest, I was largely convinced to buy a ticket from almost solely his name on the docket. After seeing the teaser, however, I have high hopes that this will be very exciting indeed.

This is not all I will have the pleasure of viewing this summer however, have a gander at my February calendar also posted to this blog to see even more first impressions, and find out if I’ll be seeing perhaps even a show you might be in.


The Velvet Card Critic

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