February Calendar

Who will I be seeing in the second half of this season? Here is a list of the shows I am currently scheduled to see and write about in February 2021, subject to change. I additionally wanted to note my first impressions from raw advertising to see how my mind changes after watching the performances.

February 3rd – Caged, FILTHY

Caged features many performers from Bernie Dieter’s Berlin Underground which wrapped up last year and I suspect it’ll keep some of that signature chaotic-yet-classy Kabarett essence. This was easy to say yes to.

I’m ready for FILTHY because Karl Kayoss has never given me a bad night and I suspect he never will. Not to mention that this one has already won an award before.

6th – Circus’Cision: Those that made the cut!

The warning in the bio says there will be fully naked acrobats, and that’s all I needed to hear. I suspect this might have the biggest bang of all the shows, and up front it seems dirty enough to even break the Kleenheat sizzle meter.

9th – Melon the Human attempts to top his last show which got him into the largest circus in the world., Prohibition, ARCANA: The Order of the Divine

Melon The Human – who truly committed to the generally annoying trope of tagline in a title, enough for me to enjoy it – has really caught my attention somehow. Circus/comedy mix isn’t normally a big interest of mine but at face value this event seems to have enough personality to not get out of my head until I bought a ticket. I imagine the performance itself will be even more magnetising.

Prohibition is eye-catching to me, the banner gave me steampunk vibes and I couldn’t resist. Sneaky Tony’s Bar is dedicated to the prohibition-era aesthetic and even though this performance will be at Connection’s Nightclub I’m really hoping they go for a similar dirt-elegant vibe.

Now I have actually studied tarot and am very heavily invested in the accuracy of ARCANA from Whisky A’More Entertainment, although since they will clearly be prioritising entertainment I do worry that this pretext will ruin my enjoyment. Regardless, once I saw the premise I knew I had to see this for myself. Fingers crossed they hit all the marks I dream of seeing and surpass my unfortunately low expectations.

10th – Justin Sider is D!ckless

Justin Sider is my one to watch for the season. This fresh face to Fringe is embodied with all that charisma, hope, passion, and excitement that I see sometimes lacking in our drag veterans. Between the poster and the bio, I can’t help but feel excited for the drag king who literally changed the name of Perth drag – from the Queen to the Crown of the Court – and his first one-man show. Justin Sider is the face of Perth’s new generation of adult performers, and I for one welcome these overlords, overladies, and assorted overpeople.

11th – Ginava’s Messy Friends

This seems like a pretty standard lineup of Perth performers, oddballs, and misfits, and I’m satisfied with that. Not expecting too much, but I’m sure I’ll be cheering for everyone who runs through.

12th – Sinsuality: 6 on the beach, Disney in Drag UP LATE: A Perverted Parody

Sinsuality has a very star-studded cast that I have no doubt will uphold it’s hefty reputation. A show doesn’t run this long in the Perth Fringe Festival without good reason and a loving audience, so I am very excited to see what this critically acclaimed performance has to offer. I also have a sweet tooth for a themed variety set – and the seven deadly sins are always a treat, even more so in a burlesque and circus setting. I feel ready to indulge.

I do have a soft spot for twisted fairytales and Disney parodies are no exception. Disney in Drag doesn’t highlight the names of it’s performers like most other shows do as a selling point, and I am intrigued by it.

13th: You Got Moxie, Kid: A Quirky Cabaret of Silliness & Self Discovery, Gender Blender Burlesque 3

I have been gifted tickets to see Moxie Heart, but would’ve paid to see her anyway based purely on reputation. I’ve seen her before and she is unrivaled in spunk! So positive and ever-smiling, and wildly creative. She truly puts everything she is into everything she does, and that’s why I have very high hopes for this latest project of hers. However, she could’ve done without putting the whole tagline in her title.

Gender Blender Burlesque 3 says in it’s bio that it combines the Perth drag and burlesque communities, and those are my two favourite communities, so I simply refuse to miss this one. I have heard good things but am walking into this without really knowing what I’m in for. This is one that I am really looking forward to.

14th – Shreklesque

Valentine’s Day Fringe is a very important spot for me, I have a bit of a tradition with it which I won’t go into, but it must be said that I had a rather hard time choosing who would fill this spot. This puts a lot of pressure on Shreklesque from myself – but going on the cast, advertisements I’ve seen on social media, the previous reviews, and the fact that this isn’t their first rodeo, I think it will quite safely earn high marks. It also feels nice to finish off the season (as of my schedule at this moment) where it began for me – with a healthy dose of burlesque.

Let me know if there are any shows missing from my itinerary that I would be foolish not to buy tickets to. Are you or your friends in any performances that you would like me to dissect in a public part of the internet? I’d love to hear all about it and update my list with any hot shows that may have been lost in the vast spaces of Fringe’s catalogue, so feel free to contact me.

Break a leg,

The Velvet Card Critic

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